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    Here is the verdict on my first experience with ‘The Cheesy Chick - Grilled Cheese on the go’, Buffalo’s newest food truck. Firstly, the window girl was super-nice and the service was a bit slow (but understandably so - they seemed a little overwhelmed). I ordered a grilled cheddar sandwich on wheat with apple and a side of pickles. It didn’t taste like they used butter (more like commercial margarine or cooking spray), so my sandwich had a slight, unpleasantly chemical, bitterness to it with every bite. Cheese was great (nice melting mild cheddar), bread was good (crusty, not your standard wonderbread fare), apple was too sweet and so thinly sliced so it got lost in the sandwich — they should really use a tart apple (e.g.: granny smith) sliced about twice as thick to keep it from getting lost. Also, the dill pickles are not good quality; I would like to see a better dill pickle (spears or long slices) that comes as a garnish with the sandwich.

    My sandwich was a good size, but the boyfriend’s lucky7 was freakishly small (1/3 the size, yet almost 2x as expensive) with some of the meat inside it still cold (one expects their grilled sandwich to be hot) and he ended up describing it as ‘wholly disappointing’. The biggest short term changes they can make are to use a quality salted butter to grill the sandwiches and to standardize (or make proportional) sandwich components (so you don’t have a freakishly large/small sandwich or apples that you can’t taste). Based on the sandwiches I observed coming out of the truck, price is a pretty decent value for what you get (it just needs to be tweaked and executed better). I wanted to try the tomato basil soup, but they were out; ideally they should be crossing off unavailable items as they run out. Lastly, their sign and website advertise dips but do not list what they are (it just says to ask); these really need to be written on the menu so people can formulate their order by the time they reach the order window… I don’t want to wait in line for 5-10 minutes only to not be sure of what I’m going to get, and being able to read a complete menu also helps pass the time. They have the right pieces to do something really great here, but as of now still have a lot of work to do; I would like to give them another shot when they have been open longer and have fully refined their product. For now, I rate them 1.5 out of 4.

    I’ve been back to the Cheesy Chick several times and had food that was consistent…ly awful. On the most recent occasion a few months ago, I went there on a rainy day when they were parked over on Hertel. I ordered a simple grilled cheese on white bread with cheddar cheese. First, they gave me attitude about ordering something that wasn’t on their board, and then they charged me extra money to make it. I was annoyed at this because it’s not like I was asking for anything crazy, and they treated me like it was impossible to make even though there was only one other person there during the entire 15 minutes I was there (so they weren’t exactly busy). But anyways, I brushed off my annoyance, waited outside in the rain for my sandwich, and went on my way.

    Less than five minutes later I opened my sandwich to eat it. The super-processed generic white bread was completely-and I mean completely-sopping with the bitter-tasting fake margarine they use instead of butter; it was so saturated with it that the bread was actually disintegrating when I picked it up. The cheese wasn’t fully melted (this is an ongoing problem with the Cheesy Chick), which surprised me because I waited for my sandwich for fifteen minutes (there was only the one order in front of me and she only had a single sandwich as well) so they had plenty of time to cook it properly. Because I was hungry, I had driven 20 minutes out of my way for it, and the sandwich wasn’t exactly cheap (If I recall they charged me something like $7+ for it), I tried to eat it. I made it about 1/3 of the way through but I just couldn’t do it. It made me feel sick for the rest of the day. One star is too kind for this truck, considering myself and my ex-boyfriend both went there at least 10 times and each of us failed to have good food even once. Other people I’ve spoken to have had similarly lacking experiences.

    In summation: this place is awful sauce. Stay away, there are much better food trucks out there. The only reason to go to the Cheesy Chick is if you’re interested in wasting 7-9 dollars to see how somebody can actually screw up grilled cheese.

    Yums: ✭✰✰✰

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