1. Donut Kraze

    I drove by Donut Kraze on Dingens St (next to Sunoco by the 190N entrance ramp) tonight and became intrigued, having never heard of it before. It seemed only providential that they were open 24/7, so I decided to ignore my full stomach and stop to check it out (I never come to this area). It was almost midnight and they appeared to have been cleaned out of a lot of things (time of day + lack of choice made me concerned I might be making a mistake), but with some staff help I picked a couple things to try. I really hope that this wasn’t a fluke, because these doughnuts were amazing. Out of three doughnuts (Bavarian Cream, Strawberry Custard, and a bacon-free bite of the Maple Bacon), all of them were lightly crisp on the outside and nicely chewy on the inside. There was just enough filling to balance out the doughnut. They offer a nice array of both inventive and classic flavors. My biggest critique is that the filling could stand to be ‘fresher’ (read: homemade); the Bavarian Cream reminded me of nothing more than SnackPack vanilla pudding, and the strawberry filling (though tasty and perfectly balanced in conjunction with vanilla custard and delicious doughnut) was gel-like and tasted like commercial pie filling. I was really happy that the Strawberry filling was actual ‘filling’ and not over-sugared Jam like most places use, but, though tastier, I would hazard a guess that the stuff is made of strawberry flavoring, corn starch, and corn syrup (which is not too far from the sugary jam). Because of the quality of the doughnut portion and the fact that the end product was fresh, well executed, tasty, and at a wonderful price point, I’m still happy with it; this is junk food, and it’s not pretending to be anything more or less than what it is.

    Donut Kraze also apparently serves bagels; sandwiches; and, according to their on-site signage, hot dogs/hamburgers. From what I have been able to find out, they have been open for about six months and, in my opinion, are definitely worth checking out. They have different crazy flavors on the daily (e.g.: the maple bacon “Heart Attack”), but carry the staples you would expect all the time. These are the best filled doughnuts I’ve had in over ten years. For those of you who eat meat: I mean, come on, they have a maple-bacon doughnut topped with bacon pieces and filled with marshmallow creme — how can you say you are living without trying something so ridiculously indulgent at least once?


    Seriously. Look at the crumb on this!


    Yums: ✭✭✭✰
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