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    Tried Delish! again today and was wholly disappointed. I love the concept, I love the location, I even love the marketing, but the product itself is such a disappointment. Third time’s the last straw? The following are my three experiences with Delish! over a substantial period of time.

    Having heard about Sprinkles Ice Cream Bar at Delish! during its introductory summer, I was excited to try it out. I went with my boyfriend, his little sister, and another friend of mine. They got milkshakes, and I got an “Amazing! Sundae”, which was essentially a vanilla sundae with crumbled “Amazing” cookies, nuts, and some sort of excessively sugared bourbon butter sauce. It was good, but the bourbon sauce consistency was a little off, and the cookie was very good but too sparse for such an expensive sundae. My main qualm though, was the service; it took two girls about 45 minutes to make two milkshakes and a sundae. When it came time to pay, they charged us for more expensive milkshakes than we had actually gotten, and refused to accept a credit card from my friend because the amount was less than ten dollars (FYI: charge minimums are a violation of the card issuer regulations for Visa/MasterCard/AmEx, if you catch retailers violating their merchant agreements with these companies you should report them to your card issuer). The girls working there were unprofessional, rude, and didn’t seem to have a clue what they were doing (so much so that we almost left there with nothing). Delishappointed, strike one!

    A couple of months later, I found myself wanting to give Delish! a second chance. We walked into the open store, and began looking at the pastry display case for something to buy. The girl working at the counter turned around, and told me that they were Closed. I apologized, and told her that the door had been open and the Store Hours sign on the door indicated that they were supposed to be open for another 2 1/2 hours, and couldn’t I please get something? She replied that they were slow and she had been told to close early, so we had to leave. Seeing as it was just a normal midweek evening and not a holiday of any sort, why would you kick a paying customer out of your store? Delishappointed, strike two!

    Tonight while shopping at the Lexington Coop, I decided I would like a sweet treat for after dinner. We went across the street to Delish! to check out their ‘Fairy Cake’ selection; as I am a firm believer that any establishment ought to have a solid foundation of tasty basics, I opted for a Vanilla French Buttercream Fairy Cake. This was essentially a plain vanilla Cupcake with white buttercream frosting, topped with a buttercream rose and a dusting of large decorative sugar crystals. I soon found out that its only redeeming quality is that it was pretty. When I went to eat it, the first thing that I noticed upon slicing it in half with a knife was that 70% of the Cupcake in height was buttercream; pretty, but completely impractical for anyone to ever eat. I believe in flavor before presentation, so I was very disappointed to see such a disproportionate ratio of Fairy Cake to Buttercream. Upon tasting it I briefly noticed an unappealingly dry crumb, but then my taste buds were overwhelmed with such a ridiculous amount of sugar that I gagged. I cut down the buttercream frosting to what I considered to be a reasonable amount, and focused on discerning flavors from the ‘Cake’ part. Thirty percent of the way through it, my palate was so clogged with sugar I could no longer taste much of anything; seventy-five percent of the way through, I was so nauseous from the wretched thing that I had to throw it out. Delishappointed, strike awful!

    Dessert should leave your palate refreshed and you feeling sated, not make your teeth hurt and give you a sugar headache. The service and the quality of product that they provide at Delish! is far below substandard, and I am personally shocked that this place has yet to go out of business. Do yourself a favor and go a couple blocks up to Zillycakes for a real cupcake.

    I rate Delish 1 of 4, and hope that I will never force their awful food upon my palate again.


    Update (06/2011): The Elmwood location has closed. They are moving to Amherst Street near Wegmans. How they are still in business? I have no idea… But on the bright side, DOLCI snapped up the space and is moving back onto the Elmwood strip.

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