1. Zillycakes

    It came to my attention this week that Zillycakes, my favorite cupcake shop, is up for sale so that owner Zilly Rosen can spend more time with her family. Furthermore, if it doesn’t sell in the next two months she will simply shut it down for good.

    This is seriously saddening because, for anyone not familiar with Zillycakes, it is an amazing cupcake shop with inventive flavors and a consistently moist, flavorful product. They have a couple of regular and gluten-free staples that they carry year round, and at least four specialty flavors (including one Vegan) that are changed monthly.

    Though this is more of an endorsement than a review, I have had some of the best cupcakes of my life here; it has been a longstanding part of my Saturday routine to walk over from the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmer’s Market and pick up a few cupcakes at Zilly’s.

    While I would be lying if I said they were perfect (service occasionally lackluster, a dry cupcake once in a while-usually vegan), Zillycakes for me has almost always been a four-star cupcake experience, and I for one will be crushed if they close. With potential closure looming, I encourage everyone to give them a shot.

    Yums: ✭✭✭✭

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